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Setting Preschoolers on a Path of Social Justice

Raising our children to stand for social justice and environmental sustainability starts now. Parenting for Change provides parents and teachers with quick, easy to implement activities to teach values of equity for all.

Raising children to develop empathy, act with integrity, and bring a bent towards justice to the world.

Do you want your children to value character and caring for others over achievement? Hope they will stand up to bullies, speak truth to power, and reject all forms of racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and ableism? Want them to love nature and make life decisions that protect the earth?

Parenting For Change is here to help.



We can't expect preschoolers to take meaningful action to change the world, but we can plant the seeds of social and environmental justice. 

Check out the Parenting for Change blog for quick, free, easy-to-implement activities to help your three-to-five year old develop empathy, embrace diversity, and love nature.

The blog includes simple, fun ways for you to transmit your values of social justice, feminism, acceptance of differences, respect for others, and environmentalism to your preschooler. 


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