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Developing Kindness Through Baking


Developing Kindness Through Baking

Debra Jacobs

Your child is watching you. When you model kindness and generosity, he or she learns to be kind and generous.

Building a better world starts with developing habits of kindness, and feeling - early and often - the joy of giving.

Think of a neighbor you haven’t seen in a while and tell your child, “Let’s bake some cookies and bring them to her (or him)!” If your child asks why (“Is it her birthday?”), say, “Just because it feels good to do something nice for someone.”

If you’re a teacher, bake with your students and bring the cookies to another class.

Make enough so you and your child or students can have one, too!

Baking together is fun and offers many opportunities for learning while creating warm family memories. Giving away what you bake offers an even greater opportunity - for learning the joy of giving.

Make sure your child goes with you to deliver the cookies and see the smile on your neighbor’s face. After, talk about how good it felt to make your neighbor happy.