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All Kinds of Families


All Kinds of Families

Debra Jacobs

diverse lesbian family.jpg

Families come in many forms: mom-and-dad, mom-and-mom, dad-and-dad, one mom, one dad, grandparents raising children, step-parents, adoptive families, and more.

Our job is to normalize non-traditional family configurations so our children grow up accepting of others who come from families different than their own.

Through play, we can reinforce the normality of different kinds of families - even if your children have many people in their lives who belong to families formed in non-conventional ways.

 Today, play “family” with your child, and take on a non-traditional role:

“I’ll be one mommy and you be the other mommy, and your bear can be the baby.”

“Let’s pretend we’re a one-dad family. I’ll be the daddy and you can be the baby.”

“Let’s pretend your dolls live with their grandma and their mom lives somewhere else. How about I be the grandma and you be the big brother?”

If “family” games don’t interest your child, tie this play to his or her passion: perhaps you can play a one-mom dinosaur family, or your child can be a race car driver whose two dads come to the race to cheer her on.

Have fun, and let me know how it goes.

I'm starting a facebook group for teachers and parents who are implementing these activities to discuss how it's going - what works and what doesn't - and to support each other as we try to set the children in our care on a path of social and environmental justice. Join the community! I look forward to seeing you there: