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Talking With Preschoolers about Privilege and Child Labor

Debra Jacobs

I used to shy away from talking about the hard stuff with young children. In avoiding head-on discussions about racism, sexism, unfair labor practices, and more, I thought I was protecting innocent young minds.

Then I read the research about children absorbing and expressing bias even when they grow up in diverse communities with adults who demonstrate no overt prejudices. I learned that in order to counter bias, I need to talk explicitly with young children about race (see Make Race Explicit). 

In the same way, I no longer avoid conversations about economic inequities in the world, including child labor. Preschoolers possess an innate sense of fairness, becoming indignant when they experience injustice. Now, I use that bent towards justice to introduce topics of worker’s rights, including the proliferation of child labor around the world.

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Teaching Preschoolers About Fair Labor Practices - Using Chocolate!

Debra Jacobs

We want to steer our children’s natural sense of righteous indignation towards unjust circumstances affecting not only themselves, but others - even people they don’t know personally or who may live far away. 

Your local grocery store offers the perfect product for beginning this long road toward empathy and action: chocolate!

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