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Filtering by Category: Family Configuration

Countering Negative Messages About Adoption

Debra Jacobs

In my last post, I recommended two books that offer ways for parents and teachers to initiate conversations with young children about adoption and other family configurations, with the goal of normalizing non-traditional families.

Today, I’m approaching these conversations from the other end, with suggestions for how to recognize and counter negative messages about adoption.

If your family has not been touched by adoption, these negative messages may be invisible to you. Once you become aware of them, however, you’ll see them everywhere, and will begin to understand the impact they can have on children who joined their families through adoption.

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Great Music, Great Message

Debra Jacobs

All children love music. Singing and dancing with our kids and playing recorded music in the car and at home is fun, but also provides important benefits. Research shows that music instruction for preschoolers positively associates with intellectual growth, initiation of social contact, and an emerging propensity for self-directed and group-directed learning.*

Music also introduces children to concepts about the world.

So what could be better than great children’s music even parents will enjoy, that also offers positive messages about diversity, gender roles, and different family configurations?

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